Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Fondant Roses

After my earlier post I decided I needed to get going on some practising. I have been asked to make a valentines cake, and he has been quite specific in how he wants it decorated. It is to be a heart shaped cake iced in red with black roses. I have never made roses before but have had a go them this afternoon and I don't think they have come out too bad. I have cut the petal shapes with my Cricut Cake and shaped them a little, I have then dusted them in edible glitter which I think looks quite good. I am quite pleased with my first attempt at these and will be making some in red just in case they are needed. At least I can make these in advance and they won't spoil. Here are a couple of pictures.

I won a competition

Well, I had a surprise when I got home yesterday, hubby was working, so I had a gentle browse doing the shopping, then went to our local Hobbycraft store and bought some bits, then on to a clothes store to spend some vouchers I had for Christmas. I had a wonderful morning. I had not been in long after unloading the car when hubby came home and handed me a parcel. Apparently it had been left with our neighbour when delivered by the post man. I think Kevin thought I had been spending again and I wondered what it was to. I opened it to find I had won a competition I had entered some time ago in the Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine I buy and I had won a book, here is a picture. I am quite chuffed, as I am not usually any good at competitions. There are some really gruesome ideas in it for decorating cakes but it looks fun. I am now getting ready for valentines day and am hoping I can do a few valentines cakes for people soon. I have bought some cake dummies so I can practise my cake decorating on them and then when I do the real thing I have it already planned without making a hash of the cakes when I come to decorate them. I have one order for a valentines cake and the brief is for it to be iced in red with black roses on, he was very specific so I will be trying out my hand at making fondant roses so will hopefully be putting a few pictures of my attempts on soon. Bye for now and will catch up with everyone soon.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Latest DIY

Well here we are the first week over for January, how are you all surviving, especially those who have had all the recent snow. Didn't get much here in Warrington you blinked and it was gone. Anyway, thought I would put up a few more pictures of our latest DIY, this time we have been working on the hall and I now have full banister top and bottom of the stair,carpeted tread and laminated landing. If you look on earlier posts then you would have seen some pictures of my hubby preparing the walls. I must say he has done a wonderful job, however i did have a slight accident, when taking photos of his latest handiwork I somehow lost my bearings having thought I was on the bottom step when in fact I was three steps up, consequently as I stepped out it was into fresh air and I landed quite heavily on my ankle. A big OUCH oh the pain. I am please to say that I did not break it (wouldn't that have looked good ringing in to work on the first day back from Christmas Hols to say I had had a slight accident)anyway I have hobbled around for the last week and although it is still painful today most of the swelling has gone although i have some lovely black bruised all over my foot and ankle and a few other places too. I must also point out that we have had no banisters etc top and bottom on the stairs for the last 2 to 3 years and I had not fallen down them then so had to christen them once finished what a dope I am.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to all family and friends for a Happy New Year and prosperous 2011. Also to welcome again into our family my Great Neice who you will see on my sisters blog,

Welcome Susie from your Great Auntie Sue x