Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Another request

As well as making the cake for hubby as you will see in my earlier post, I have been busy again this afternoon and have just finished making this one. Our son's girlfriend is celebrating a birthday on Tuesday and he has asked me to make a cake for her, I hope she likes it I am not sure of what she likes and doesn't yet as we have not known her for very long. Anyway I hope she has a lovely day.

For someone close

As you all know I have been going to classes for the past few weeks and have learnt a lot of things and have lots of ideas. My husband for the last few weeks I think has been quite lost judging by the texts I received whilst I was at these classes. He made a special request in one of them and as he has been working away from home this weekend, I have made this cake. Those of you who know him will know why he has requested this particular design.