Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Saturday, 30 April 2011


Well hello to everyone, isn't the weather just grand. Well we are nearly at the end of our holiday back to work on Tuesday :( Just thought I would keep you posted on where we have been as you can see on earlier posts we have been hard at work fitting a kitchen for Kevin's Mum and Dad, we have now finished and here are some more pictures, we also put down some laminate flooring for them as well and carried this through to the small hallway that they have, this space did not really belong anywhere so I thing including it in the kitchen area has worked well. We left Kevin's parents yesterday lunchtime with our wishes to enjoy their new kitchen. I am sure Kevin's Mum will, she seemed really pleased when we left her.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Busy on Holiday

Well I hope you have all had a great Easter and have made the most of the wonderful weather we have had, especially here in Warrington. Hubby and i are off at the moment until after the May bank Holiday we took advantage of taking the three days off just after Easter and before the big wedding, so all in all it has made a nice long break. Although we are on holiday we are both mad busy. Kevin's parents wanted a new kitchen but what they were going to be charged was ridiculous so we said we would do it for them, well, why not, those of you who know what we have done in our own home should not be surprised. They did some shopping and decided on the look they wanted. Kevin priced it all up worked out all the measurements and ordered it and got it delivered to their home last Thursday (21st April) a skip was delivered as well. We arrived on Good Friday and commenced work. His Mum and Dad had already made a start by taking all the cupboard doors off and emptying the kitchen and taking up the old floor. I don't think they realised what work was involved but despite all the disruption I think they are enjoying it. Here are some pictures of the first couple of days.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Something Pink

Well, I hope everyone is well, I have been so busy of late have not had time to post anything on my blog. Kevin and I are currently putting in a new kitchen for his mum and dad, its an easier space to work with so hopefully it should not be as messy as I have been through recently. Not that I am complaining though as I am enjoying my new kitchen. I recently had a request from a friend at work who wanted a cake for her daughters birthday (the daughter is 24) the request was for a chocolate sponge then covered in pink fondant and the decoration was left up to me. I decided to go with pink and brouwn theme and I think it worked well. In fact I was really pleased with the finished result even if I say so myself. My friend thought it was so her daughters sort of thing so I hope it went down well. Here is a photo for you to see. I cut largish circles with my Cricut cake then used a very small circular cutter to cut the centres out but I did this slightly off center to give a more interesting shape. I am hoping I can be a bit more creative with my decorating in future after seeing the result of my latest creation.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Old Cookery Books

As a lot of my friends know I have a passion for baking and cooking in general, and I especially love spending an afternoon browsing through my collection of cookery books and planning something nice. Amongst my collection I have a couple of really old books, one used to be in my Nan's cupboard and when we went to stay I would always look at it. It is called "Domestic Cookery" The Household Manual, it is a fab book full of old recipe's and I would imagine would have been very useful back in my Nan's younger days. It is so old now I have to be careful with it as some of the pages are now coming out. Another book I have belonged to my Gran and this is called "Radiation" Cookery Book this was published for use with the Regulo Gas cookers and finally also belonging to Gran I have a "How to Ice a Cake" she went to evening classes to learn Royal Icing and such and I forgot I had this book, all be it is very old it still has some useful tips in it. I have only taken a photo of the fronts of them as I am not sure if I am allowed to post photo;s of the inside.