Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A day out

We took time out today after all the work that we have been doing, now we will have to start cleaning up its amazing how much muck is created when doing projects like I mentioned in my earlier post today. Anyway we set of initially to go to a farmers market at Chelford, but I don't know if it was due to the weather we have been having or it just was not a particularly busy day as there was not much at all going on. So back in the car we got and we travelled over to the Peak District, it was lovely seeing all the wonderful open spaces we stopped off at a Reservoir that we have been to a few times before over the years however not so recently it is called Tittesworth Reservoir, Severn Trent Water, Meerbrook, near Leek, Staffordshire, it is a lovely place where you can walk as far as you want, there are lots of wild birds to see, you can also have a nice cup of tea and a bite to eat and just generally chill out looking out over the water. We were quite surprised as to how low the water has dropped especially with all the rain that we have had over the past year, it just shows that something serious is really happening to our environment in general and the fact that water seems to be in a shorter supply that one would think. It was quite a dull day today but warm enough for us to sit out and eat, we had to do this as Kaara was with us but it was very enjoyable, here as some photos I would like to share.

A room for me ?

Whilst we have been off (we are now on our second week of our two week holiday}, the plan was for me to get started on my Christmas cake orders and hubby was doing some DIY. Some how it ended up me doing very little baking (I only managed to complete the 21st birthday cake order)because I somehow ended up being the fetch this carry that I need a brew and some food. Anyway I supposed I had to put something into this latest project as part of it was for me. Our son has flown the family home in the last few months and we finally got to get into his room and do something with it. If you have had boys you will understand what we were up against. He would never let us into his room to decorate and when we did try anything it got quite stressful as he was so rude about anything we wanted to do. So, his Dad said okay forget it so nothing got done for the 24 years that he lived at home with us. I had taken photo;s of what it looked like before we started but I managed to delete them from my camera the nearest I can get is when my original desk was out in the room after he left and you can see the state of the decoration around it. Now all the walls have been stripped plastered and painted and new flooring laid, I have a new specially made desk by my husband and I have cupboards for all my stuff (although this does not include my baking and cookery books that lot will have to stay downstairs. Here are some photos so hopefully you will get the idea, we just had a little touching up to do and a little tidying up but the bulk of it has now been done. I will post some more pictures when everything is tidy just wanted to give you a taster of what had been happening.