Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I have been catching up!

Hello again just another quick post, I have been catching up with my blogger friends and been nominated by Andie for two awards. Thank you so much Andie I am chuffed to bits, here they are everyone I hope I have done this right! Well i now need to nominate someone but it is so hard so I would like to nominate all my friends from blog land, I hope you accept and enjoy the awards.

Following on from yesterday

Well here we are again, I have just sat down to have a few minutes at my computer. Hubby is fed and watered and so are the two dogs. Our older one Kyrie is poorly at the moment we have been to the vets and we have to give her some tablets and I am hoping this will sort things out. Anyway I mentioned yesterday I was making another cake, I know I am posting pictures of it on my blog but the person it is for is not likely to see it, one person may and that is my friend Jenny, but I don't mind her having a sneaky peek before tomorrow. One of our works colleagues is celebrating the big 50 tomorrow and a few of us at work have been planning something special, I was asked to make her birthday cake. What do you think. I need a bit more practice on the smoothing out of the icing but I don't thinks it has worked out too bad. I can't wait to see her face tomorrow when she sees what we have all planned.