Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Decorated Cake Dummy

I have been going to cake decorating classes over the last few weeks and what I have learnt has given me lots of ideas. So, as I have some cake dummies I decided to try my had at a two tier cake which could be used I think for an engagement, anniversary or even perhaps a wedding and perhaps add another tier to it. I am quite please with what I have created, what do you think? (Jen if you see this, this is what I was hinting at)

Another Year

Well here we are again another year gone by and another year older, it is my birthday today and I have a really nice day. As usual when we have birthdays at work cakes are taken in, those of you who know me will know that I never buy them but have a great time making them, here are what I took in today and there is nothing left (Don't worry Jen if you read this a piece was saved for you, it is in your top draw at work). There was a chocolate orange sponge cake which I made an orange syrup for and drizzled over whilst it was cooling before finishing off with chocolate filling and topping with grated orange zest on the top. Then there was a lemon sponge cake also soaking in a syrup flavoured with lemon and topped with lemon butter cream and filled with lemon curd. Finally as if that wasn't enough I made some vanilla cupcakes which I then covered in a lime and coconut butter cream topping. Is your mouth watering yet, they smelt heavenly when the lids were taken off the boxes.