Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

30th Birthday Cake - Take 2

I think I ran out of room on my post here is the second part.

I thought I would have a go at making some that would be edible and for some time I have been trying to master my Cricut Cake machine and there is a butterfly cut out on it that I really wanted to do. I made the cake (my classic vanilla flavoured Victoria sponge - this is proving quite popular), covered it in almond paste the white fondant. Then wait for it I took some pink fondant rolled it out and chilled it for a while (this seems to be what other people do, and hey presto here is the result. I am so impressed that I finally managed to do this and I will be attempting some more, the centre was cut from a flower petal cutter and shaped and placed the diamonte "30" pick in the middle. I carefully drove into work yesterday and the butterflies stayed on (what a relief I did take dome food glue and a small brush just in case and a spare butterflies)

30th Birthday Cake

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good break despite the weather not being that brilliant in some areas. For myself whilst nursing a poorly hubby, I spent the time in my kitchen. I had received a request from a work colleague that her sister was to celebrate her 30th birthday and I was asked if I would do a cake. I do try and ask people what they would want decorative wise but mainly I am just told what colours they would like and the design is generally left up to me. However it was mentioned that they like the butterflies I had put on my pink circle cake.