Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Playing with my Cricut Cake

As you will see from earlier post, I am the proud owner of the new Cricut Cake, its just fab. I have been struggling with it a little as I have not yet mastered the technique of using the machine or even rolling out the Fondant properly yet. Have been doing some researching on the net and also speaking to my friends that visited yesterday it would seem that putting the sheet in the freezer for while before cutting anything out seems to help. Jenny is the card making wiz and she is also well used to the Cricut so she made it look so easy when we were playing last night. Here are a couple of pictures the blue sample has the cut outs I did last night not perfect but better than I had done before. The second picture shows what I have managed this afternoon and I am really pleased with the result, still a bit of a beginner but getting there.

Snowman or Yeti

This is what was happening yesterday thought I would share this monster with you, Snowman or yeti, I will leave it up to you! He is a love really and its great having a hubbie who is so handy.

This is the next stage in our DIY project, the hall stairs and landing. Oh what joy more dust and forever cleaning.

I shut myself away in the kitchen and did some baking have made another Christmas cake for my order list.