Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Our Beautiful Granddaughter

A while ago now we had our Granddaughter to stay with us for a couple of nights so our Son and his partner could have some much needed them time. We went into overdrive and went out an bought some baby things as we had nothing, our son is 25 now so his baby things are long gone. We were going to look at a travel cot and I met hubby after work at our local Mothercare. I lost him somewhere in the store and when we found each other he said "come and look at these". I followed him and realized he had been looking at the proper thing. We didn't buy a travel cot in the end we walked out with a proper cot, mattress, changing mat, bedding bale, sterilizer and bottles, we also bought a high chair a baby walker and a musical toy for her cot. I think this is going to be one very much spoiled Granddaughter but hey why not, Granddad is enjoying himself, he chose most of it. Here are a couple of pics that we took when she was here, apologies for the quality but I am no photographer I am a cake maker! And lastly just had to share this one, she will probably never forgive me for sharing this but she looked so cute, this was her first taste of porridge.

Back in Blog Land

I have not visited blog land in a while in fact not since April 2012. A few things have happened in my life some not pleasant and some rather worrying and stressful for my immediate family and for my husbands family. Having said that I think there might be light at the end of the tunnel and we can all get back to some normality. I am still making cakes and this seems to help me through my problems. I have had orders for birthday cakes, baking for a charity event held at work and also made a cake for a baby shower. I loved doing the baby shower cake I did have an idea for decorating it with teddy bears but when it actually came to it I chose ducks, I think they turned out rather well. I also completed an order for a birthday cake which was ordered by our cleaner at work who wanted a cake for his partners birthday he wanted pink and girly and a heart shaped cake. Apart from making a big booby and putting the name of Anna on instead of Emma, which was easily resolved he was really pleased with the outcome and I have received an order from them to do their wedding cake for their wedding next year. A friend of ours has a daughter who is intending to get married also nest year and they have asked if I would like to do their wedding cake as well. I will also be completing my very first wedding cake order in September which is for our Assistant Site Manager at work whom I made sample vanilla sponge cake, chocolate sponge and a fruit cake for for his family to try. They want all three as a three tier wedding cake. I have just cleaned up my cake dummies so I can practice the design on them and so he can see what it will look like. Here are photo's of the baby shower cake and the birthday cake.