Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Wedding Anniversary and a Birthday

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves in bloggerland. I am so busy at the moment my days are running into each other. I am currently preparing fir my Christmas Cake orders and I have my list of request already. As well as preparing for that I have had my granddaughter or a couple of days whilst my son and his partner went to Alton Towers. Luna is walking now so I was on the go all the time, I had forgotten what it us like to have an active toddler in the house. I received two orders this month from the same person. He had asked me to make a cake for his parents Golden Wedding Anniversary and he wanted their wedding photo on it, which i was able to do as I have a printer which is set up for food use. It is really fun doing these and I hope to use this for some of my Christmas Cakes. Here is the finished result, it was one of my fruit cakes decorated in white with piped icing around the edge of the photo with painted gold lettering. I came across this paint in Hobby craft and it is edible so it is quite safe to use. There are other colours which I will buy at a later date.
The same person also at the last minute asked for a birthday cake for two of their relatives one was celebrating their 70th and the other her 40th hence him asking for me to combine their ages. He was taking this away on holiday with them as they were having a family gathering. I hope both parties go well.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Silver Wedding

One of our Site Managers celebrated his Silver Wedding Anniversary last week and he asked if I would make them a cake, it is a fruit cake with white fondant icing, roses, and lettering. The ribbon was white silk with a silver heart pattern along it. I hope he liked it, they came to collect and stayed for a chat and a cup of tea.

A Donation for a Coffee Morning

Hello to you all, I have been rather busy of late with baking working and genrally running the house but then aren't we all. I am now getting ready for Christmas (as in making Christmas Cakes) I have 17 orders already for my cakes and that does not include all of my previous customers. I am hoping I will have more. In between all that I have been receiving orders for other celebrations. I was asked by one of the managers at work if I would donate a cake for a Macmillan Coffee morning they were having one one of our developments, the choice was mine on what I made. I decided I would go for a chocolate hit and made my Chocolate Victoria sponge cake filled will strawberry jam and chocolate butter cream. I then covered it in chocolate fondant, this was something I had not used before and is quite difficult to work with. I think the chocolate content makes it easier to melt if worked too much, but I managed to cover the cake. I made some flowers with ivory coloured fondant and put a cream ribbon around it to finish it off. I think it looks the business and the coffee morning went down well raising around £500.