Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Sunday, 1 April 2012

This is his room

This is work in progress, although hubby has promised he will be moving out today, he is in his room now doing the skirting and then it is clean up time and theeeeeen, I get my room back. He is a very noisy squatter and I like my space so I don't spend much time at my computer. I am not keen on the colour scheme but then he always likes to shock I am glad the rest of the house is not like this. Will post some photos when he has moved in and it is looking more like his room!

Someone moved in!

Just to continue earlier post, this is when the "squatter moved in" It is an absolute mess I have to climb over things to get to my space!

My Craft Room

You know I said I had a craft room in a post way back, this was our son's old room now he has moved out we re-decorated and it has become my space and will be a spare room for visitors, I just need to get a sofa bed. However, I have a squatter, hubby decided he was doing out his study and so he moved in. Just to remind you here is a photo of before and after he moved in.