Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Monday, 13 August 2012

Handbag Style Birthday Cake

Well here we are another week and this week I am looking forward to the weekend as we start our two week break. Can't wait. In the meantime, I have a busy time ahead what with getting things ready for our hols, to trying to tidy up the house and also complete some orders for cakes. Here is the one I have just finished this evening for collection tomorrow. This was for a handbag style, not done one of these before so tried to keep it quite simple till I know what I am doing. Again I used my ever faithful Victoria sponge cake and shaped it a little, the purse is made completely out of fondant just to give it a bit of extra decoration. See you all soon I am off to do the washing up now.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Our Granddaughter

And my last post for this evening, I just had to share some photos of our granddaughter trying out her baby walker. We bought this after her last visit together with a high chair and after this last weekend we bought a buggy for when she comes again. Us oldies are not used to the new prams they have now and we had a nightmare taking hers apart. So when we took Luna back home we told our son no way were we using theirs again!

Wedding Cake Order

I have received my first order for a wedding cake which is need for the wedding on the 1st September, this is what I have been aiming for and I hope I get many more. I have done two designs as the couple could not decide which they wanted. Although I have designed this around a three tier wedding cake, they have actually ordered a four tier one and it will comprise of a 12" fruit Cake, a 10" vanilla sponge cake, an 8" lemon sponge cake and a 6" chocolate sponge cake. I will be making the fruit cake this weekend as prior to the two weeks before the 1st of September I am actually on holiday but we are only away for the first week as I had already received the order, so I want to take my time and make this perfect. The happy couple have chosen the version where ribbon goes around the cake as opposed to over the the top.

Time to get back to blogging

A lot of things have gone on recently in our family and not all of it pleasant, I for one cannot wait for this year to finish. Despite that I am still baking and though I would share some of my creations with you. This was an order for a 30th birthday cake for one of the Site Managers I work with who wanted to surprise his partner at her birthday party. She was surprised and so was he as he did not see it until the party as he had been away for a few days.