Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Primrose and Blue

At the same time as the Valentines cake orders I received I also had another request. A friend at works husband celebrated his 50th birthday on Valentines Day and she asked for a cake for him. She wanted to surprise him and had always said she wanted me to do a boobie cake for him. So, when the time came we got down to the colours that she wanted she said she didn't mind but when I insisted she tell me she said she wanted primrose and blue if possible. I had already thought that this would be what was required so was happy to oblige as they are big Warrington Fans. So I set to work and coloured the fondant as required, it took some time and my hands were all colours in the end , but I think I got it right and they were well pleased with the end result.

Valentines Cakes

Well February is nearly over and we will soon be in to March. We have been rather busy with one thing and another and mostly the weekends are spent visiting our son as they are trying to find a new home it is not easy in this day and age when they don't work bit I am sure it will get sorted. As usual I have been baking and had some orders for valentines day, here are the cakes that I made., They are Vanilla Victoria sponge cakes with white fondant and decorated with red. I have started colouring the fondant myself it is much easier and cheaper to do as the ready coloured stuff can be quite expensive especially if you only need a small amount.