Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Monday, 18 July 2011

Cake Decorating

Last week I started cake decorating lessons, I have found a local lady who has her own business which she runs from home and she gives lessons to small groups. There are five of us so it is a nice small group. We were given a list of things we needed to take. One of them being a cake dummy, these are just a brilliant idea as they can be used time and time again to practice on. Our first lesson was to decorate the dummy and board in fondant, she showed us her techniques and some simple short cuts. Then we made stencil to create a scalloped edge, mine wasn't very even but I got the general idea. I then very finely drew a line around the shaped template on to the fondant with a tooth pick, so that it can be used as a guide to follow when using the Crimpers. We also had a little play with some patchwork cutters and food colouring which although my example is a little untidy, it gave the the general idea and that you don't really have to do complicated to make things look really impressive,. Here is a photo of the result of my first lesson, I am sure this will improve as the weeks go by. This week we will be making flowers so can't wait to see how that turns out.

Coffee cupcakes

As well as doing the orange and lemon cupcakes this last weekend, I also did some coffee flavoured ones, I finished off the decorating of these this morning before I went to work. I have some others in mind to do as well but will probably do these later in the week.