Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cake Decorating Classes

It is now nearly three weeks since I completed my cake decorating classes. I had lots of fun and enjoyed the me time for a couple of hours over the five weeks away from the house. Here are some photos of the completed cake dummy that I used to practise on, whilst it is not very tidy our teacher has given me lots of tips and guidance on how to do things such as swags, bows, piping and frills. We also attempted making carnations but for some reason I think it may have been too hot the fondant kept disintegrating so I gave up. However, I will have another attempt at these in my own kitchen so I will not give it up as a bad job. Anyway enough of the waffle, housework is calling I have a mass tidy up to do after the recent DIY we have completed. See you all soon. Sue x PS: Apologies for the way the pictures have loaded, I think the file may have been a little big so they have appeared on their sides.

Not sure what this is

We found this growing just outside out back gate on the front drive, we have no idea what it is whether it is a weed, wild flower or just some stray garden plant that just happened to land there when seed were carried on the wind so thought I would share the photos I took with you.