Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Silver Wedding

One of our Site Managers celebrated his Silver Wedding Anniversary last week and he asked if I would make them a cake, it is a fruit cake with white fondant icing, roses, and lettering. The ribbon was white silk with a silver heart pattern along it. I hope he liked it, they came to collect and stayed for a chat and a cup of tea.

A Donation for a Coffee Morning

Hello to you all, I have been rather busy of late with baking working and genrally running the house but then aren't we all. I am now getting ready for Christmas (as in making Christmas Cakes) I have 17 orders already for my cakes and that does not include all of my previous customers. I am hoping I will have more. In between all that I have been receiving orders for other celebrations. I was asked by one of the managers at work if I would donate a cake for a Macmillan Coffee morning they were having one one of our developments, the choice was mine on what I made. I decided I would go for a chocolate hit and made my Chocolate Victoria sponge cake filled will strawberry jam and chocolate butter cream. I then covered it in chocolate fondant, this was something I had not used before and is quite difficult to work with. I think the chocolate content makes it easier to melt if worked too much, but I managed to cover the cake. I made some flowers with ivory coloured fondant and put a cream ribbon around it to finish it off. I think it looks the business and the coffee morning went down well raising around £500.