Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Birthday Cake

After a busy week both at work and at home, I completed my latest order Thursday evening. This was for a 12" sponge cake covered in lemon fondant and handmade flowers. This order came via a friend at work whose partners mum celebrated her birthday last week and they have arranged a get together for Saturday evening (I don't think she knows about it or at least not the cake). It was a bit of a nightmare to actually cover the cake due to the fondant being so large to cover it, however I managed it. As always I am very critical on what I do and as every crafter knows when you have made something for someone you look for everything that could be wrong. I carefully took the cake into work Friday morning wedged cushions around the box and got there with no mishaps. My friend Jenny was the first one to see it (she and my friend Alison and myself are looking at combining our skills and creating a small business)and I know she will give me the honest opinion, and it got the "wow" factor. Also the rest of my friends thought the same as did the person who ordered it, so that gave me a boost of confidence. Here is a picture, this as said earlier was a 12" sponge cake and the cake tin is the largest I can fit in my oven so at least I know what size of cake I can go up to.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A treat for Hubby

Well, here we are and it is raining again, so guess what, I spent time in my kitchen. Hubby made a request yesterday that he wanted a chocolate fudge cake and so I obliged by making one today ( I haven't made one before so as ever was up for a challenge). He surprised me really by this request as he normally buys shop bought cakes and such instead of eating mine. It annoys me a little because not only does it save money it is home made so what could be better! Anyway here are a couple of pictures.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Anyone for tea?

I have been baking again this week,a colleague celebrated his 40th birthday I think he thought he could keep it quiet but we found out so when he came back of hols, us girlies got together and gave him a gift. I made a lemon flavoured sponge cake for him as a treat and we all clubbed together and got him a bottle of red wine and a card. I think he was quite taken aback, but I think he was pleased.

Anyway myself and two friends are pooling our resources in crafting and are working away at putting a small business together,I specialise in the baking side and Jenny and Alison specialise in the card making and photography, we are planning to offer wedding cards and invitations and celebration cakes. Jenny and Alison are currently branching out into card making classes and they are running their second class today. A few weeks ago Jenny kindly made me two cards and the deal was that I supply some cup cakes in return. So, I have made some lemon flavoured cupcakes for them to take to their class today and serve at their tea break. Here is a picture, I made a lemon sponge mixture then made a lemon butter cream topping which I piped on and made some little daisies, I cut out the basic flower using white fondant on my Cricut then shaped the petals so that they had a little more texture and added some small balls of yellow fondant for the centre. I thing they looked quite cute and I hope they go down well at their tea break. I will be adding cupcakes to my portfolio so will be making some more soon. Here are a couple of pictures.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

30th Birthday Cake - Take 2

I think I ran out of room on my post here is the second part.

I thought I would have a go at making some that would be edible and for some time I have been trying to master my Cricut Cake machine and there is a butterfly cut out on it that I really wanted to do. I made the cake (my classic vanilla flavoured Victoria sponge - this is proving quite popular), covered it in almond paste the white fondant. Then wait for it I took some pink fondant rolled it out and chilled it for a while (this seems to be what other people do, and hey presto here is the result. I am so impressed that I finally managed to do this and I will be attempting some more, the centre was cut from a flower petal cutter and shaped and placed the diamonte "30" pick in the middle. I carefully drove into work yesterday and the butterflies stayed on (what a relief I did take dome food glue and a small brush just in case and a spare butterflies)

30th Birthday Cake

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good break despite the weather not being that brilliant in some areas. For myself whilst nursing a poorly hubby, I spent the time in my kitchen. I had received a request from a work colleague that her sister was to celebrate her 30th birthday and I was asked if I would do a cake. I do try and ask people what they would want decorative wise but mainly I am just told what colours they would like and the design is generally left up to me. However it was mentioned that they like the butterflies I had put on my pink circle cake.